Author archive: Jon Ayers, CEO

2015: A Look Ahead

As a lifelong cat lover and owner of four geriatric cats, I know how the bonds with our feline family members increase with time. Our cats are an integral part of our lives, and as they age, their affection for us expands and our love for them takes on additional meaning. Our pets can live long and happy lives but only if they receive regular veterinary care, including preventive care. We in the profession know this, but how do we inspire other pet owners—your clients—to appreciate the value that preventive care brings to their pets as they age?

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Strengthen the bonds

For 30 years, IDEXX has had the unique privilege to serve companion animal and equine veterinarians in our shared mission to improve the lives of pets and people. While it is truly awe-inspiring to reflect upon how far we’ve come together, I believe there has never been a more exciting or more gratifying time to be a part of the veterinary community.

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